To be continued


Imagine a world where the leaves grew purple
and sand dunes were gloriously huge marshmallows
where the dodo adorned every sea shore
and the tallest mountains made dragons a living lore

#53 – An opiate for the weary mind


Today i’m going to hide a bit of what’s been going on to stay strong
Because the thoughts swimming in my head are rigid and wrong
So allow me to whisk you away on a magical adventure
To the high seas in search of some long forsaken pleasures

This garden of delights had only bioluminescent plants
Which lit up the paths as we walked restlessly searching
For something to freeze our spirits with fear till we wet our pants
I understand that my fantastical descriptions are far too reaching

I hope you’ve heard of the lion who was king of the desert
We found him when we stumbled to one of the most desolate places on earth
He was the beginning of the end of the world
Though his glory shone and caused the overwhelmed leaves to fall
He gently lay down and died in order to resurrect all

#51 – the path of ghosts


I want to see your ghost
to ask if it’s lonely and cold
with the lord of hosts
In the city of gold
If you’re happy there
I’ll consider joining when i’m old
But just you say the word
And I’ll come storming in
With the foolish and the bold
To break the sheep from the fold
Oblivious to the tales of old
Just you say the word
And this world will come to an end
But you won’t be alone
And the nights won’t be cold
I spoke to a native doctor
Who became my friend
The one from the story of the tortoise
Trying to get his wife pregnant
He asked that I bow my head to the floor
And before the most high be repentant
Just you say the word
And I shall gently knock on heavens door
Like a good school boy
Who knows not a thing about God
Now truth be told
I don’t know what I know
Not even what I do not know
So I adhere to wisdoms of old
And analyze whatever it is I am told
I’m drawing a map from these paths
That appear beneath my feet
I hope that we can once again laugh
At the end of this journey when we meet.

#50 – Hahaha and a Sunny day


I laugh out beaming like the sunrise to a new year
There is a hidden message to be passed with subtlety and flair
I guess it’ll be shrouded in mystery for a little while
Decipher it in my dimples and my smile

The sands of time do not halt for any man
Not even for those with the best of plans
But my only option is to put pen on paper and write
And have faith that fate will shine it’s light

#48 – Mazel Tov


Mazel Tov and a lovely New year to you
I’m going to the bridge at midnight to admire the view
i’m scared to look down so I got high
It’s what I do to reach into the sky

It’s such a wonderful time of the year
Filled with so much hope and none of the fear
Basking in the remnants of Christmas cheer
Partying because the end of the year is near

Mazel Tov, My friend be bold
Who knows what the future holds
Let us go to he who has some love we can borrow
Because who knows, we might be dead by tomorrow.

#47 – A bottle of sunshine


I was handed some water by a maiden
‘A bottle of Sunshine’ she called it
It’s recommended for repose to the heavy-laden
Something to lift up the spirits

Here, have a bottle of sunshine
Hey, fill your pockets with a bit of the divine
It’s all yours and it’s all mine
A part of some grander design

#46 – Never bet against


Never bet against
the dice I roll
Nor ask them to forgive
the money you stole
Never knock asking
for love, part or whole
I gave so much
baring open my own soul

#45 – tighter than the roots of hardwood trees


I kissed you like, god damn
And a baby’s first taste of vanilla ice cream
I licked you like, I want to make you my fam
You tasted even better than in my dreams

It was the heavens and the earth
And all that was in between calling
It was a man and a woman
replaying history’s first act, again i’m falling

We’ll hold on like roots to the soil
There’s nothing realer than that
And this which could make even blood boil
The gaze from your eyes is a lover’s pact

You looked at me like I was the world in one guy
And I knew I wasn’t much back then
You chocked on me as if you were ready to die
I came, rising again and again, shouting Amen

#44 – box your flowers


24 times a million hours
And for each second I’ll gift to you
86.4 billion flowers
That’s longer than I’ve ached to share an existence with you

Driving 60 on a heart’s runway
Let’s love loud with 0 shame
I swear, here is where I’d like you to stay
Let’s try to play a winning game

#43 – A sneak peek from ‘waking in a haze’


They raced past stop lights
Half an hour before midnight
Trying to getaway from the crime scene
Looking for a place to reconvene

She had to blow his brains away
It was the only way to save the day
Now she’s panicking and blood stained
Taking a pill to keep her anxiety contained

They drive over to Ed’s to switch the car
Their journey is going to be quite far
They meet a girl and her grandfather on the run
Just wait till they find out who planted the gun…

#42 – the shepherds


The shepherds have gone to sleep
It’s past their bedtime
And as stars glow into night’s deep
The light means we’ll all be fine

The shepherds have gone to sleep
And although i tried to implore
They left a meadow of sheep
For whatever wolf was at the door

#40 – A golden tale


Slowly and surely
We crawl to the ends of all knowings
Buried under dusts
Of past deeds
We lie in wait as seeds

With each reassured step
I carve out a path for a new story
That’s hidden
In the vaults of my mind
More valuable than a gold mine

#39 – A Winter Solstice’s Question to a Pregnant Virgin


(It’s an eight line poem broken into thirds)
(Read it as 3 verses, then attach each corresponding line from the verses together and read as one verse)

you immaculate lady
I wish I believed you
about your baby
the world
Call him
the son of God

blessed art thou
Yet I do ponder
The why and how
It was done
And the innocents sacrificed
too late to realize
the giver of all life

I know you would not lie
So I must ask
did you bare him to die?
By our hands
for our hands
We murdered God,
Now his blood floods our lands

#38 – the last act


Watching the phonograph spin
she resembles a mastermind
If this is a game you play to win
Then, i’m in quite the bind

Did you hear that?
She bursts out suddenly
It can’t be recreated,
I’ll tell you with a fact
And it wasn’t until suddenly

This world is turning in and around
And we’re going to be dancing
When the shit finally goes down
Smoke in the air
hand in hand

#37 – Party through the dawn


Through life’s explosive torrent
Grant me this last wish if you can
Release me for a moment
So I may die a free man

Will you stand with me at the dawn
Of the new world
Will you laugh or yawn
At my idea of partying with the whole world

#36 – What’s your name? Do you remember me


I’m not dizzy from the drinks
it’s your ballgown that’s put me in a trance
I’m might have fallen in love, me thinks
But all in all, thanks for the dance

You guided me in the movements
The jump, step, pinch and thrust
You said it’s something holy
Do it with someone you trust

We met again on the streets
With a guess of what the night had in store
We clawed and ripped my favorite sheets
And didn’t stop till we were both sore

The morning after I didn’t quite get your name
So i’m writing this because maybe
You kinda feel the same
I fell in love with you lady

#35 – Havas utca V


Cheers to great nights
And a wonderful friendship
Memories made
through Sun and moonlight
The past half decade
has been one amazing trip

Cheers to more life
And I hope that
fun times never end
Headlong and strong
in our youthful adventure
With joy of uncountable measure

Cheers to the good times
Like when we rolled
Laughing on the living room floor
Caressing the tree of life carpet
Getting zonked and drinking tea
Being in the heart of life, living

Cheers to my brothers and sisters
Your indomitable will
Your passions
For what you feel
Taught me to value
The bond that we share
It’s a deep treasure

#34 – rest days


There’s a line between feeling and meaning
Show me what you’re made of

There’s an ocean between legends and believing
And no one holds a compass

You’re permitted to rest a while
Just maintain your focus

Push harder with a smile
Paying no attention to hocus pocus

#33 – RSVP


Hey there
What’s your name
Oh! Franca
I’m sorry, I’d hate
To miss the party
but I have work all day
And my kids have to be in bed
By eight

No problemo
My dear friend Jane
I hope you don’t mind
That I used
some of your photos
to make a collage
Those were the ones I could find

#32 – 5 minutes to midnight


You took me to heaven in the softness of red wine
and laid me on clouds to be swept away
I hope you read and enjoy the heaven between the lines
But first, tell me how you spent your day

Falling asleep in front of the wheel
Holding out, taking desperate measures
The dream and waking state, are to me, so real
Buried between multitudes of treasures

#31 – This morning the words were alive, tonight everything will be fine


Blue fluorescents blink through the alleyway
where we met and fucked yesterday
There’s a schoolboy there doing graffiti
Of a lioness and an acacia in the Serengeti

This morning, your words were so alive
About how my heartbeat was a perfect metronome for your sleep
Tonight, I know will be alright
We both have our promises to each other to keep

Let’s have dinner in that rooftop bar
Where the whole of budapest can be seen
Tell stories of our past and how we’ve come so far
Since the time we spoke about our ambitions and dreams

#30 – prelude


We’re walking a fine line
Attempting to put things right
Yeah, i’m all good and everything is fine
But it’s not when I sleep at night

There’s a god in the skies
Whose fights could split open a cloud
Sometimes a stray one or 2 humans die
When he beats his war hammer all mighty and proud

I’m trying to fill my vessel up with words
And I’ll surely hate to bore you
So tomorrow I promise to take you on a tale to a different world
I promise it’s gonna be worth it to see the view

#29 – tired


How do we get it done
And still have fun
stop the hellish fire
Before the situation gets dire

I didn’t get much sleep last night
So I stared from my mat into the bush
Distracted by fireflies and their light
Thinking about strong gorilla kush

#28 – Ramblings about puffing loud and going down


Do you hear me loud and clear
Bound to the starboard
As sirens sing into the air
There’s a dozen men already overboard

Hug me tight
And remember
even though we fight
That we’re stronger together

There’s a guiding light
Leading us back home
There’s a green piece alight
I puff, when it’s close to my dome

Lets watch a movie
Then drive around the town
We’ll do to each other, something groovy
And I’ll give you a crown

#27 – on my bicycle


today i rode
my bicycle
through the streets
of my hometown

I saw veranda posts
from Ile-Ife
littering the sidewalks
of my hometown

there’s a girl
setting up shop
multiple fruits on her pan
i offered her a hand

there’s a boy
over there
fashioning totem polls
dog, tortoise, pigeon

there’s a woman
weaving mats
her children play
hide and seek

In my hometown
there’s a yellow church
and multiple forest shrines
visit them all

then i met
a man
one eye, arm and leg
he’s a god

the birds sang
from his waving staff
blessings to you he said
blessings to you

today i rode
my bicycle
to where my ancestors sleep
in my hometown

#26 – To Christmas, and For Ever (If I could write a song)


They met outside a summer party
turned midnight bar brawl
that was when they loved once
or maybe twice or thrice
dancing alone in the trance
of a melodic symphony

they knew they loved once
but i think they did twice
and all of night
was shining bright
from the look in their starry eyes

The heart-shaped cake,
from Christmas day
the softness of her voice
as they watched ballet
making music for angels
moulding together like clay

they knew they loved once
But i think they did twice
on that day
she called him love,
and he was new,

Someone said that it was doomed
that no love could survive such wounds
on the nights when she cried
Saying with a look into his eyes
my love, my dear,
comfort me with a song, so I know you’re near

they knew they loved once
i think they did twice
but everything that lives,
must someday die

dancing the days away
In a special kind of play
They took an incorrigible stand
And walked into never-never land

they thought they loved once
But I know they did twice
and forever and ever they were shining bright

they thought they loved once
But I know they did twice
forever and ever, in the face of night

Like heaven in the sky
and the rainbows up high
forever and ever they were smiling bright
and forever and ever, let there be light.

#25 – Annemarie and Noel


My shoes got stained with tar
During a jog, though I didn’t go that far
I took them off outside of my door
‘Cause the last thing I’d want to mess up was the house floor
I washed hard to get the stain off
So I’ll give it an afternoon to dry off

I’m not usually one to talk
But I asked if I could join you on a walk
So we spoke of transcendentals and the rule of law
Arguments justifying natural rights and it’s flaws
What a human should be and how friends are made
What it takes to be happy, forgive and the patience to be cheerful as sorrows fade

I bumped into you in a metro on the way to work
You were dressed in a white and blue pleated frock
A couple of weeks later we met in the park
We agreed to meet up for a picnic and frisbee lark
It was an engaging fun and really inspiring time
And we culminated the night with a kiss
uninfluenced by the joint or bottle of fine wine.

#24 – Staring at a star


I got the idea from the moment we clicked
that this match was by the heavens fixed
I spent all night staring at the stars
as I strolled with your celestial body through the bars

I heard that its impossible to shine
when you spend energy throwing shade
so I’ve decided to focus on the competences that are mine
and lie in this bed in the way it is made

Today, we criss-crossed our names on that golden tree
yesterday you said you wanted to be free
well, i’m gonna be here and there
taking in deep breaths of fresh air

#23 – the greatest


you decided to make that house your grave
and for that we all called you brave
what could i have done to alleviate your misery
how could we have set you free

we knew that you both grew and loved one another
thats why you agreed to live this life
like living in that home with no open doors
because he asked you to be his wife

we built all of this up from the dust
and nothing could ever bring it down
not flames, quakes or hell’s deepest frost
it’s the greatest thing to grace this earth’s ground

#22 – slow\flow


today reminds me of a time
before there were rules
when i just kinda went with the flow
today reminds me that i have
to pay my dues
its evening and time’s moving kinda slow

i didn’t rest much last night and now
i’m falling asleep
but i’m too tired to dream
so i was engaging with my brain
about good things to keep
—peace, health, family and friends—
on an ultralight beam

#21 – Imaginings


something lies beyond those clouds,
at the end of the world i’m sure we’ll find out
something hovers on in outer space
would you ever like to visit that place?
I dreamt of floating in the ocean all alone
and my thoughts weighed on me like a stone
and with each breath, i strengthened to bear the load
till my minds eye, like a diamond glowed

A sailor at the port told me
that he only felt safe and sound
or in other words free
when it was just him, with no one around
in a boat, on the open sea
and that was the last I saw of him
I was told he succumbed to the siren’s hymn
fair enough I said,
imagining what thoughts had been in his head

#20 – Absolution


I’m sentimental like leaves in the fall
I ebb and flow like the waves of the sea
Taking notes so that I don’t forget it all
Writing poetry so you don’t forget about me

Father father, I wept to the priest,
My great sins have me full of fear
He said, even the lamb after the great feast
Thought his burden was too great to bear.
Rise up my child, and praise the lord of your soul
He lifts his eyes up to meet mine
Rise up my child, the love of God will make you whole
And everything will be fine

#19 – the quarantine playlists (For a daisy, Kisbaba)


Tears drop into my tea
And reflecting in the ripple
I see you my darling, and she
Love and Life at times
can seem so fickle

To wrote this: to you
A musical prose
Of the movements in my soul
What my mouth could not say,
I suppose

It was: a quiet, longing
For a return to simplicity
I feel your agony in the depths of my sorrow
It was: a mood
dug from grateful reciprocity

I’m waiting for you lady
On the beach in a haven
Lie with me again baby
In the light and in the dark
And make this wasteland heaven

A Quiet (24M/13W)
…Longing (20M/20W)
…Mood (17M/11W)
to you. (15M/13W)

– For Kati.

#18 – Bread or Death


blow it all up
rather than be in chains
resolve for me
the ache in my brains

windy rain washes the dirt
its our prayers to the sky
giving water to the earth
with the thunderings of a gods cry

who stole the world
and switched liberty for security
who tricked us all
here have life, but no property

cry out in the streets till you are heard
for the voice of blood rising from the earth
du pain ou la mort, we wish to be fed
du pain ou la mort, give us bread or death

#17 – First find love, then ask how?


Everything means nothing
he said after their first fight
Let the day shine on your loving
But get it out of my sight

I might be coming down with something
She tells me over the telephone
I have some medicine i could bring
if you’d rather not be left alone

She swayed in her step, so elegantly
bare footed, unabashed and smiling radiantly
she spoke some words to me in solitude
it was of some undying gratitude

I’ll be a mirror for you
just reflect on me the things that you do
somedays it’ll be about rain or life on the road
other times, you can just use me to lighten your load

you’re a creation full of compassion and grace
being around you always gets me high
I know every time we meet and I see your face
i fall deeper in love with the gleam in your eye

Even the tiniest sentiments would mean the whole world,
she said in their last fight
just wrap me in your arms i don’t wish to be impearled
we loved good, but we’ve got to learn to love right

#16 – ramblings in perpetuity


What does it mean to care for the world and be overjoyed
And where will you be when the final bell is rung
who is the one and how do we even begin to fill the void
And when shall the saints depart in song

The why of it all escapes me
Because you see everyday I struggle with the question of what it means to be
The immense suffering, present in it all
Conscious that the spirit of subtle resentfulness was what brought about the fall

I watched your eyes light up
And the corners of your mouth lift into a smile
The elegance in your speech and the way you walk
I’m completely enthralled by your style

Will you save me from the fiery pit
For the one good thing that I ever did
or will I go mad in this place I sit
pull me out if god bids

I have to leave home,
to find a dragon to slay
Will you give me a kiss
(like when we were alone)
If I am able to save the day

#15 – for the waking haze


today i read about a wretched victim
of what some called divine judgement
they say he was a dirty heathen,
and that the bereaved deserve no consolement

the man on the moon
came today to see you
he returned after playing me a sweet tune
And left behind pictures of the wondrous view

we’re speeding on the road
on our way to Ed’s
the old man reeked of moonshine, and safely in the land of nod
nodding and mumbling, red means dead, red means dead

i was speaking to this babe from the choir
it was midnight and we were at the bar
i misquoted a line from the gospel and she called me a liar
but she helped me fill the vacancy in my car

#14 – No one’s business 2.0


I can’t blame you for leaving, if you felt in pain
i saw you in a dream and it got me thinking
that could it all have been in vain
i tear while you dance, and i walk away

i am beginning to suspect, the heat of love
involves sustained friction of hearts
but thats more pain than fitting into you like a glove
like monkeys holding a wrench, screwing the wrong parts

bubbles pop, volcanos blow
geysers shoot up, streams and rivers flow
i wouldn’t choose one over the other
because i think they all serve a higher order

so i was thinking, to join you dancing
In the peaks and valleys, to the darkness of mines
it’s too late, you told me crying
I understand what you mean, the blame is all mine

I promised you, i’d be there
and in my struggles, i was fatally unclear
while you wandered about keeping time
becoming another’s business, no longer mine

#13 – No one’s business


With you i’m lost
in lands unknown
you, my oasis in hell and frost

take me in your wings
you bird of paradise
take me, take me some place nice

i sat all day at the market waiting
for someone to buy these trinkets you made
At last, they came, the carpenter and his maid

is there something promised that I’m forgetting
I have to fix this lifeboat that’s leaking
Tell me we’ll be fine

i feel my sinews strong tonight
vitalised by every second she smiles
she’s miles away, many many miles

#12 – An isolated toke


Can we be alone once again
And learn in solitude
Will you call me an old friend
And look back in gratitude

Imagine you were a master carver
Trying to find life in dead oak
Or perhaps you were with friends in the forest
Finding god behind the toke

I don’t want to go to outer space
If it means we’ll be reckless over here
I can’t think of a better place
Than wherever you’ll be near

Will we grow in grace
And laugh at our youthful foolery
Nothing but peace on our minds
With our hearts light and merry

#11 – what is my life, without your love?


What does it mean to be alive
I struggle to answer unpretentiously
Some say it is to be found in strife
Others say lounging on a beach next to the sea

She used to think, that you would be my wife
I used to think how lucky I would be
You became determined to prove us both wrong
So you smashed about this house and walked away from me

I laughed and I cried
Then I thought, this time
That the meaning is found in life
As long as you voluntarily go on this journey

Between the peaks and valleys
Above skies and beneath the seas
It’s the unchanging and will be there beyond and till
You have drank from its fountain and had your fill

#10 – the future


No one wants to change the past
So they walk on
Thinking old things will last
But like snakes skin, before you know it, it’s gone

How does one tame animal spirits
How do you call the eagle or the dove
I’ll summon through the energy of my heart beats
And pray I receive strength from above

#9 – Between What I hope and What We Know


I hope it’s not too late
to ask for some directions
to the night bus on Tulipan utca

I hope it’s not too late
you don’t know, i waited 3 hours
apology accepted today, but not again

it’s just the right time
to meet someone new
this girl told me she liked the shirt we made

it’s just the right time
to exorcise this heavy toll
and reveal the richness of my soul

We know it’s past the time
for goodbyes and false smiles
attention: heart break, clean up, all aisles

We know it’s past the time
so you can keep saying whats been said
i couldn’t give a crap, i’m going to bed

#8 – It’s getting easier


You are the plaintiff and jury
I’m the executioner’s punishment
in all it’s fury
be merciful in judgment

In love with how the details sound
Remember who legislated our game
Violence and peace were options on ground
But anger poisoned our brain

This is gibberish
What the crickets tell me before I slumber
So I lay on my bed and think of sheep
Hopping, so I count their number

I’ve sat in contemplation for long enough
To know that there’s no lasting reward in acting tough
I’d rather be as soft as a new born
Who was never, from his mother torn

I gave a dime to a blind woman once
She held my hands and blessed me
I wept and thought, how much I act like a dunce
Taking with levity what a gift it is to see

The first time we kissed was in an elevator
Outside the library opposite the front door
The last time we fought was on the football field
I tackled, you punched, neither of our wounds healed

Somewhere in the good book there’s a passage
About all the riches in the world, not being worth a human soul
But I think some parishioners misplaced the message
Because they proselytize for the idols: silver and gold

I was once, for years, a slave
I was a captured though accidental stowaway
This is the story of how I was saved
And how I met the man who would be the king someday

#7 – interlude


I made a carrot cake
But I still don’t think I can bake
I don’t remember how I did it
Because I was baked from the first minute

I wrote a different story yesterday
About the happenings of a dream I had today
I haven’t replied to the publishers mail
Because I’m still working on the epic fairytale

#6 – Joy Boy


I said a prayer for the earth
As I watched this child’s violent birth
I saw a mother’s pain give way to joy
As she shed tears for her little boy

I set forth to combat disorder
As I cast my treasures to Davy Jones’ locker
I dreamt of satellites and space cars
As I navigated the seas by way of the stars

We shed tears while the waves beat the shore
For we knew we were at the edge of something much more
We shed tears gazing into the dawn
For the one with us who could never hold his son

We were sailors in search of intangible gold
We were men following the tales and legends of old
Becoming that man who walks his final mile
Greets his death as he did his life, with a smile

#5 – Knock knock


A vagabond knocks softly on your door
‘hey baby come outside and have some more’
we’re bitter inside but pretend to be sweet
because a pyrrhic victory is worth more than defeat

A libertine king fills up my bags
as I kiss his rings and promise to come back
to him, the pearls and our mansions in the sky
then I found love and the resolve, to not return a lie

I bore out my soul as much as I could
and if you only knew how much it took
perhaps I was selfish, to think you would want my load
but i thought you understood what it was like to implode

do you remember screaming at me to go away?
you ignored the cracks, even the look on my face
do you remember later asking me to stay?
we played a losing game, but at least we ran the race

i’ll leave a crack in the door, but not to be a lover
I’m just thankful that you and I grew, and nurtured one another
so this is my way of asking, that we put differences aside
and not shun what good we built, in the name of pride

#4 – Give me a moment


I’ve seen heaven’s myriad shades of blue
That it’s lords may tell me what to do
I was asked to minister in hell
For the salvation of those souls that fell

From the moment I crossed it’s border
I was catapulted into the infernal disorder
it sounded like a ghost was speaking to me
‘hello’ it said, ’can you hear me, please set me free’

#3 – Waiting for another life


take my hand
till one of us must go
to the idyllic land’s
garden plateau

draw the clouds
upon the sunset
the thunder speaks so loud
my soul is bereft and my cheeks are wet

will you love and keep me
sound in this eternal dream
i’m so afraid to no longer be.
how this earth weighs so heavy on me

I still remember that day
from the very moment, when you said hi
we were reading the same book,
it was called ‘ love and the journey in the after’
well all that i really want to say
is that this is not a sort of goodbye
I just got caught in the hook,
i’ll be waiting for you in the next chapter.

#2 – A story to tell


He looked in delight
At the sight of his newborn child
Hearing it’s mild cries
Echoing through forest and into the skies

It’s mother cooing sweet prayers in its ear
And her mother wraps the babe in cloth
If you need me, I’ll be over there
She then kisses her grandchild and strokes her hand through its hair

The child grew up to be strong and wise
So much so that elders sort her for advice
She gathered herbs and tilled the lands
I recall her father saying she was worth more than 5 able hands

Her story is one that belongs to another day
So I apologise if you are disappointed by the delay
But just yesterday she begat a child of her own
And I must go pay my visits and welcome my great-grandchild home

#1 – The wisdom of old


In time immemorial i searched for gold
and for so long it was beyond my reach
now i’m a man, who might seem way too old
but i assure you, there’s something i can teach
about the lessons i learnt in yesterdays
from the friends who righted my way

Firstly, be cheerful and be kind
your most valuable asset is your mind
envy and vainglory are the evils of the soul
avoid them if you ever wish to remain whole
also be sure to carry out your duties reliably
always be grateful and treat others respectfully

stay simple, the wisdom of old is valuable treasure
if you love your neighbours and friends, your reward will be beyond any measure
have compassion, and always forgive
your hands can only receive after they have been stretched to give
work hard, make mistakes and learn
be cautious about what you do not know
teach others what you know.