#12 – sing another song, boys


This is a song
I happened across alone
The night I tried to find
a place to belong
And I heard you sing
On that microphone

This is a bar
For all the manics
Who loved heart first
accused of going too far
To quench that thirst
Here, remember, do not panic

This is about a lady
and a man
Who were willing to travel
into the depths, of human
Together forever
Or at least, until death

This is a hotel
For the broken hearted
Who just want somebody to hold
And the lost souls
of the dearly departed
Too scared to return back home

This is a home where you can be free
We don’t worry about what’s in your closet
Or if you don’t have a cloth rack
Don’t you bother your chest with secrets
Lighten the load off your back
Find the real you, and the real me

This is a song
For wallflowers in a bar
Enjoying the nightly philharmonics
This is a place to belong
And it’ll never be far
We share doobage and gin tonics

#11 – “Man sieht sich immer zweimal”


Let’s dance over the beads at night
And relish in the summers starlight
You both are gems in the wide wild world
In your glories, our souls unfurled

There I was discovering the things you know
You smiled, irresistibly engaged and going with the flow
Of gin tonic, Molly, and late night salvation
Against the odds, we met and softened into early morning conversation

You hadn’t been traveling for too long
And we never went too far
But without regaling our ears with a song
We knew you both were superstars

When the world froze for a night
And all were 4 twinkling starlights
Drinking in a bar, by the river
We spoke about a homey Italian dinner

How special was that man? He asks me

More than what my words could even explain! I reply, trying to sound wise

We have to do this again some other day, we’ll come visit you when we’re free

You said: Of course, you know, people always meet each other twice

– For P. Hans & S. Moon

#10 – We have got so much


I don’t want to begin my thoughts with ifs and maybes
but you are contradictory to my logic
maybe and if I were a better man, then I would just be
without any of the struggles of being
But that would hardly make me a man, would it?
just a machine or a god
either way, I feel you’d prefer that,
then you could use me
selfishly and unfeeling without remorse

Please don’t let these words worry you
Just thoughts that sprung in my mind
from depths I am unaware of
but I know enough that that they do not belong to me alone
so perhaps you will forgive my imperfections
for they are who I am
And I shall continue forging on
in a path I shall make mine

This is not a poem
but a confession, a secret and assertion
for the dead and the living
as long as you can forgive and love again
then it’ll all be right, because you and I know thats what we have to do
Soon they would come to round us up
to quell the slow revolutions happening in our minds
to trample on the flowers growing in our hearts

I would like to go on and on, I don’t care
I’m singing a life’s song, that I become a better man
and I know you’ll join along, and share this light air
This love for love makes me a child again
I’m foolish and learning, maybe I’m free
Will you build these castles with me on the beach
as you take a break from where you are from
on the journey to where you are headed
and if you ask for directions,
I’ll point to both sides, then up and down
and tell you we have to hurry
to where we’re going
our ambitions expanding the circle of journey
and I’ll be with you at the destination, which is where we come from
Take the first step
and the fantasies shall become real life
take the first step
and what you will find will change your life
from the depths in me erupts this message
and if you’re willing to hear it
just like i’m willing
you’ll see that we have all got so much.

#2 – a little princess


There’s a little princess in your town
And she’s all on her own
You mustn’t let her down
Neither now nor when she’s all grown

There’s a little princess trapped somewhere in an attic
She’s gone from a hundred to nearly zero
And I fear she might soon begin to panic
Someone please, we need a superhero

Do you think you have what it takes
To don on the cape
Or are you just another one of the fakes
Trying for an unruly escapade

There’s a princess playing with her dolls
Ones very small, the other slightly tall
They were having tea and playing house
Until they were interrupted by a cat chasing a mouse

She met a gentleman’s monkey
That happened to sneak in through the window
She wondered gazing out of the balcony
If a saviour would come from the world below

There’s a peasant boy
Slaving away in the castle
Day and night, but in his suffering finding joy
Who heard the racket from that day
And wondered what was all the hassle

So one day when he thought he was alone
He snuck to the peak of the stairwell
And when he heard her voice his ghost almost left his bones
He tripped and down the stairs, he fell

She called out to him
Looking from the keyhole
‘Help me please, please help me’
He thought she must have been who had been using the extra food bowls

The next day while alone again
We walks up and knocks asking
How can I help you?
Why are you up here?

My father is dead
And this witch keeps me locked up here
All that is in here is a bed
And a window for fresh air

He sneaks into the mistresses room
And steals a mysterious looking key
He fits it into the lock and twists
The little princess bursts out free

The sound of a horse carriage stops their short jubilation
And they go off to the back to hide
The girl giggling with elation
As he lead the way into a pig sty

Peeking out they hear a sharp cry
And fiery smoke rise up into the sky
Suddenly they saw the monkey screeching to get their attention
He leads the way out through the back plantation

This girl ran in the direction of the brook
And stood behind a man holding a sword
She embraced him with tears in her eyes calling him father
He looks arms stretched to the boy calling him son

He puts them behind him to face the eternal adversary
Knowing that bygones do not remain bygones
He must do what is necessary
By slaying this beast of a dragon

There’s a little princess in our town
And she’s running faraway
Please don’t let her down
Give her a place to stay

She’s making up stories
From her prison in the attic
Of knights and dragons and all sorts of glories
Trying desperately not to panic

There’s a princess in your town
She laughs thinking how I must sound
I’m going to be okay she smiles
I’ve got a knack for weaving truthful wiles

There’s a girl I saw today
Who carries herself with the dignity of royalty
She saves herself, eventually some other day
She gained mine and your loyalties

I’ll fight for this little princess
Till I’ve given up all the breath in my lungs
Give everything I have in excess
I know i’m not going to be wrong

Loving a little princess
as a little peasant boy
And being a little princess
Loving a peasant boy

#3 – notes from a hospital bathroom stall


You bled softly on what became the wolfs moon
i cried sombrely to you, your favorite tune
there’s no way to fix your broken heart in time
so i’ll give you another, have a piece of mine

Once on a clear nights sky
You told me about when you tried to die
Your sins that you never forgave
And about how you hate the bed you made

I hope you now know what I knew
And that everyday is a chance to start anew
Don’t be bound by your demons in the past
Take advantage of today, and make that moment last

#9 – The merry blues


It’s the merry blues
And quiet nights alone in my head
Loved by thoughts of you
Trying to get in my bed

It’s the merry blues
And memories in the lush forest
smoking marijuana with you
Someone said, those times were the best

On so many nights
If you remember the words we said
Clutching underneath starlights
The dirt and the whole earth were our bed

It’s the merry blues
And a breath of fresh air
Neither of us was bad news
But who’s objective in a love affair?

You can call me a liar
And deny once, and deny twice any claim
That your heart was ever on fire
And it was all just an expertly played game

I have only one excuse
For the scene that’s stuck in my head
And it’s the merry blues
You and I dancing, as we make your bed.

#6 – colonel bogey and friends


I hear whispers of when we’re loved
In the depths of distant memory
I wonder what it is that we may have lost
Lapsing into momentary reverie

I welcome daylight and
whatever songs the birds are singing
It’s natures way of lending me a hand
As I stumble awake absently thinking

Do you still whistle skippy’s tune
When you’re alone drinking tea
I don’t even know what i’m talking about
You probably don’t even remember me

#7 – Untitled #3 


There’s possibilities unseen
Limitless in a distant nights sky
Above where I lay
Dreaming of you and I

The grass is brown from drought
Theres only the occasional chirp then deep silence
And tiny orbs of light from the fireflies
Earth’s Stars with a natural luminescence

#1 – Words I thought about under the mother moon


As the night crept quietly over our little town
We whispered our wishes to the moon
Into a gourd we set on the river to wash down
And into the swamps of the evil forest

We heard a weeping child at night silenced by growling wolves
Teaching it early lessons of life and fate
Someone later asked how we could permit one so young to be taught by beasts
We replied that we are all the same, and nature merely aided in what we had been late to do

A little girl wishes to set sail to the edge of the world
In search of a purpose, love and the supposed meaning of her life
Her mother wailed like she was weeping the dead
While her father beamed from ear to ear
Watching his child disappear with the sunset and praying to share a sunrise with her another day

When the heretic entered the shrine
To seek wisdom and on the arts of divining
The babalawo laughed and took off his chain
They is no more in these palm nuts or in the world than what you bear in your soul
Through that mystery will you receive the wisdom of all mysteries
Return again tomorrow my son

The town crier didn’t beat his gong this morning
He’s either dead or the king is
Either way best we stay at home today
I’m tired anyways.

#5 – ready or not 


I know that you’re trying to catch me
But really I just want to be free
In a cage of my own making
I want to give out what I’ve been taking

There’s a song in these words
A rhythm i wish I could understand
Does this imposter wish to die by the sword
Are my castles really just made of sand

I don’t know if i’m ready for judgement
But I’ll sing the song and give it all that I’ve got
Whatever you figure is a suitable as punishment
I’ll accept it as my lot

#4 – floating


You taught me to find the beauty in nature
And to love the flaws inherent in every tree
You showed me how to nurture a flower
And in time to let it grow free

You gave me the fluidity of the wind
That I may paint these ideas in the sky
Ahh I feel the lift in my wings
As these words join the by and by

#8 – Hell is empty


Hell is empty,
And baby its a sad, sad view.
Hell is empty
And baby, i really miss you.

I knew the costs, behind your vice
I love you, yeah, that does sound nice.
But it can be, a treacherous thing to say
A Baneful happy-ending, to flower someone’s day.

You swore up and down, to no ends
That perhaps my angels and demons, may become your friends
Maybe one of them, would understand your many fears
And reveal to you, my masked away tears

Hell is empty
And baby I’m alone.
Hell is empty
And how long, will you make me atone.

This I know is true
That I deserted heavens gates to be with you
That we may make paradise out of this barren wasteland
Or at least, this was our plan.