#20 – 02:22


I’ve turned out all the lights
And i’m feeling a little blue
It’s the middle of the night
And darling i’m thinking of you

Will you be here soon
Radiant Sunshine
Beseech the green moon
To find something better to do

Love is a four letter word
That rules the world
Love is a four letter
Lethal, but you may have all of mine

#19 – Wounded by fear


The dawn is breaking in

On Sunday morning

It’s nothing and all

Save me from my falling

Don’t let it break your heart

I don’t want us to be apart

Night haunts me

Will you hold onto love

Murder, is just a kiss away

Bite me.

#18 – for BE but not to BE


For second I thought
Thou must be
The most beautiful creature
In this world or any others

And for all the seconds
And years since
I’ve had very little doubt
That if one knew
How the world was governed
One would know,
That not all of beauty roams free

Even the moon, the stars
And the sun
Are bound like leaves in a tree
But compared to you
In ecstatic glee
Most else looked like pitiful tar

So I consign myself
To be a satellite for thee
That thee may give life
To me.

#17 – Octavia’s dream


If I asked
What you knew of fate
You may say
It’s a door or rather the gate
That one will pass
Whether struggling or with poise
For no one can change
What was at the beginning never a choice

If I asked
What you thought
About new beginnings
You may say
Stop with the foolishness
We both know
Such things do not exist
Except in dreams

#16 – D.D. D.D.C.


Send for the diadems
To be placed on his head
He’ll be ready once
That girl leaves his bed

Send for the maids
to water seeds
Before the sun comes out
But not more water than
the plant needs

How does the beast feed
From our thoughts when we sleep
Memories of secret deeds
That we intend to keep

#15 – It’s not empty


Perhaps the angels are all sleeping
And heaven will not hear this
But there’s a little child weeping
Questioning creation and all of this

In all likelihood, we’re in hell she said
But don’t try to reason you way out
You’ll only keep flailing till you’re dead
Then you’ll see there’s nothing to fuss about

I’d venture a guess, but I don’t know who’s listening
And there’s clues for those who wish to find it
First, within a forest grave you’ll find treasure glistening
Lastly, the ink on the page will not blot.

#14 – Gold


Clementine knows
I think she knows
that I think she’s gold

When we were young,
Things were different.
And still she wishes to be

Like the delicate flowers
she was. Even though,
All things must have it’s season.

She tells me that sometimes,
She forgets the harder things,
So I call her heaven in my bed.

In my sweet dreams
We shared in our youth
I think I was called ‘Lucky Cody’.

When together for supper
I am just humble miner
And she was my darling,

#13 – Las Manos


It was silent
Like the graves we got drunk by
It was cold
Like the tombs we crept by
It felt like a miracle
The most beautiful sound
I’d ever heard
It was boundless
Like the ocean your mother drowned in
It was warm
Like my voice against your face
And your hand on my chest
It was sung
And i heard it somehow
Although i was deaf
It was also the first time
The world gained color
Before my very eyes

#12 – Wir waren namenlos


The children gather around the rainbow coloured xylophone
Singing rhymes that the teacher taught them a day ago
Holding hands circling rings around the player who was suddenly not alone
It’s a lovely memory buried in my past from forever ago

I glide through the rooms in this mind palace
Trying to retrace some steps I seem to have lost
You are the oil poured over the head of the king from the middle school play
I am the traitors cup of wine from an eventful last meal

There he was sitting on his hospital bed
Playing a video game that he got some Christmases ago
Not a care in the world that he had been dead
Maybe not more than 3 hours ago

She is convulsing at the foot of the altar
Enraptured with zeal for the ineffable
Save him lord or i may very much die as well, she cried
To all who watched, the truth echoing was palpable.

We were children circling the glorious throne
Lost in the profundity of reality
It was silent…
Echoing silence bordering on unreality.

Nameless but we knew better
And since we had all of eternity
We continued to sing and continued to dance
We continued to love as though it were our only chance.

#11 – Lockstep through a fire 


Storms break to the yoke of sunshine
We fall deeper into each other’s arms
tripping on the guitarist’s blues strings
Drunk in love on something so fine

Winter caves that life may spring
So the earth yields to seedlings
We move lockstep in tune
To the words of my slow revolution

The glances our eyes steal at another
Perhaps today I should say hello
But first a very big thank you
To GS, Buddha and Alexander
How to find a, sound eagle and inner peace.
And all others who read and share and like

Tonight as I write
The wind sings into my lungs
Dusk promises to take me home
With my head in clouds I hear subtle songs
The ink speaks to me like the heart of a fire
Incantations written with the blood of Gaia

#10 – Bike


Today I rode to the fruit shop on my bike
I bought some apples, cherries and a pomegranate
Then I got a cucumber and other veggies that I like
My sister calls to remind me about the dates

Yesterday I rode to the park on my bike
But my friends said we’d walk the rest of the way
So up the fairy’s hill we took a hike
It was a truly memorable day

#9 – Beast of prey


Love and let live
Cries the spirit of the time
Drive and take me
To the springs of ever after

Violent delights
And impassioned outcries
Of please let me go
Question marked innocence
And juvenile love
Pleasing to let me know

Catch me if I fall
Deeper into winters virgin snow
Save me from the untold
If this insanity continues to unfold

Under the covers
You lay like a beast
Who knows what goes on in that head
Your eyes fixed to the stars
Thanks to heaven for this feast
That girl curled in your bed

Love and let live
Cries the spirit of the times
Save yourself if you wish to be free
Beast or prey or whatever you may be

#8 – Avenue


All I wanted was to do right
But in my passions was led into this song
And as I strayed from the light
I left you with this wrong

Of Goading the feeble-minded beast
With the hilt of your sword
Responsible for this abomination soaking our feet
The blood of those still joined at the cord

What will you pray, say
About this senseless massacre
That I have wrought upon this day
You harbinger of disaster

Do you not hear the bells tolling
For you and for me
Do you not feel hells grasp tightening
Do you still believe we are free

Someone’s going to pull me up from under
Although it might be foolish to ponder
That from the wrongs of hades and all we had mistaken,
Right will come to lead us to heaven

Don’t you dare
Think you can understand me now
I don’t care
And nothing can stop me now.

From another world
You can say
Be a little foolish
Right and Wrong be One and the Same.

#7 – On the sea


Dissolve to become foam in the waves
Retire with me to be a sprite that saves
Lost souls searching for a home
With nothing in the world and no place to go.

Swim over me with the thirst of the sea
We are who we are and what we want to be
And although our roads were paved on forgiven sins
The walls still feel like they’re closing in.

Will you shepherd me through the wildness
And comfort me in this valley of death
Will you take care of me
Will we survive out there on the sea

#6 – Rusalochka 


It’s midday over a deep blue sky
With its smell of blossoms and flowers too
Swimming in the wind drifting by
The tree underwhich lay me, ours hearts and you

It began as a melody guiding shipwrecked sailors in their doom
I struggled against the pull from the depths of the sea
Till your siren song calling, I’ll love to see you soon
My soft heart at rest, my air bubbles searching for breath

Love, Princess of the underworld
I thought you were but a dream
You didn’t have to leave the sea
Just to be here in depravity with me

#5 – 5 minutes to midnight


There’s not much to be learnt
About love and fate
Outside of heartbreak, death
And what you thought was freedom
In those pale blue eyes.

It’s a brave thing to know all that,
And still wish to be drunk on romance
I will leave all of tomorrow’s costume parties
High on life
With the poor girl in the silk gown

Will you make a bridge
Between reason and feeling
To be at peace with the truth in yourself.
Or other things be damned?
Yeah, why is that so bad?

#4 – Cinderous Heart aka Mr. Kiln


You are the rosebuds of Golgotha
Thorns stripped away for a crown
I offer them as homage to the king
He’s crying out to the sky, but at us, he smiles down

I am the curtains of the upper room
Torn apart during an earthquake
You fold and entomb me with a carpenter
He held me because I begged, we are risen like bread.

#3 – I dreamed of bees and house, a garden and you


Be my friend in this dream
And share this breath of life with me
It’s not more than it seems
Everyone gasps
When death sets us free

Will you choke the candles
After I have fallen asleep
And lay with to me on the floor
Keeping warm
Tightly till the birds sing of dawn

Guide me through the crossroads
Where the wild roses grow
To find what lives beyond
all façades
Soon we will know

All heart and unintelligible I may be
Deaf to the moans of forever in a hymn
But feeling the warmth of winter’s kiss
On morning dew
I swear to always the there for you

#2 – The Greater Self v Unarmed Killer


I saw sparks fly onto the tinder
Of this already naked mother
Slow, but exponential without rest
An inferno engulfs the forest.

And the crimes we commit
No child is innocent enough for our conceit
The horrors of our hellish tendencies
Born out of utopian fantasies.

Must the soul rage against itself
Convulsing in dread of what is to come
A stupendous crime to end this game
A return to the kingdom of that with no name.

The clouds offer reprieve to the gaping wound
Those who survive content if the sun doesn’t arrive too soon
We’re arming ourselves for a love crime
And we shan’t stop, unto the end of time.

#1 – Parade of bones


Let’s go together to Heaven
Even if we don’t know how
Man doth not by bread
But by the sweat of the brow

Let’s visit the museum
There’s an exhibition in town
Called ‘A parade of bones’
Critics call it ‘Mona Lisa’s frown’

May I touch your cheek
And whisper into your ears
Do you miss me
In that tomb of fears

Teach me how to pray
I’m terrified of Hell
Who could mandate such pain
Asks Moon-burned girl